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RFID transponder for your carrier

Small chip, huge possibilities
RFID transponder for your carrier

All Air-Log carriers can also be equipped with transponders as an option. And that makes a huge difference. Because a carrier with transponders can transport a wide variety of information - for absolutely complete and secure logging.

Our hidden installed RFID transponder are recognized and read from all Sending and Arrival Stations. Every carrier has an individual transponder-ID and therefore we can generate 100% accurate a protocol and track & trace of all transports.

Especially for precious transport goods it is absolutely important to trace and record. Our RFID system ensure that you have always a perfect overview about all transactions in your pneumatic tube system.

RFID Transponder for carrier

A carrier that controls itself

But transponders can do even more: Since the installed chip knows exactly how often a carrier has run through the system, it also recognizes independently when it is time for a check for wear and tear. For this purpose, the transponder automatically sends the carrier to a service point where the facility manager, for example, checks and, if necessary, can service it.

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