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Places you wouldn’t expect a pneumatic tube system



“Tube systems? Aren’t they old-fashioned and obsolete in our digital age?”
Is that what you were thinking? If so, you are mistaken and you are not the only one. Tube systems are still very much around and in unexpected places as well. Some functions are quite essential and day-to-day work wouldn’t be possible without them. We want to give you an idea where you can find tube systems.

Constructing pneumatic tubes – complex and intelligent systems for the 21st century

Pneumatic tube systems were invented in the mid-19th century and made it possible to transport letters and documents fast and reliably. These systems were replaced by the telephone and other means of communication. Today, tube systems are rarely found in day-to-day life. But they are still around, much more than you would expect – and in some areas they are an essential part of the workflow:

The most common places to find tube systems are large hospitals. The tubes are utilized to transport important documents, medication or laboratory samples. Using air pressure, the carriers with their important cargo get to their destination in the shortest time possible. Covering the distance by walking would never be as fast, especially in large hospitals.

Dairies and industry
In dairies and in industrial sectors, tube systems are also in use. The carriers can transport varying materials, including liquids like milk, oil or hot steel samples. This automates the workflow and makes it more efficient.


Banks, petrol stations and supermarkets
Transporting cash safely is always a challenge. The goal is to minimize the human risk factor. With tube systems, safe-bags and other cash can be transported fast and safely from A to B. On top of that, this reduces the amount of cash in a cash register. This also minimizes the risk of robbery, which is then hardly worth it.

Shops can also benefit from tube systems. For example opticians, where the laboratory is on a different floor. That way, materials and documents can be exchanged fast and uncomplicated.

Federal Chancellery
The German Chancellor Office utilizes a tube system for internal communication.
Every month around 2,400 files are transported. Using a tube system not only makes this cost efficient, but the system is also tap-proof and guarantees a secure transport of sensitive data.

Pneumatic tube systems are still very useful, even if we don’t always see them in our daily lives. We supply tube systems internationally and love the diverse ways our customers worldwide use our systems!


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