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Trainee Tonie introduces herself


My name is Tonie Oelrichs, I am 21 years old and started my office management training at Air-Log on 1. August 2018.

Why this training?

The training covers a variety of topics and I am learning about different aspects of administrative work here. I can decide later which department I am most interested in and specialize in that area.

Why did you choose Air-Log for your training?

Most people who hear that I work in a company for pneumatic tube systems are quite curious about it and ask me a lot of questions. I felt the same way when I was looking for a place to do my training and came across Air-Log. I was intrigued and after a bit of research I realized how versatile and interesting that is. It helps to find your job interesting and I find studying easier then as well. And I liked the idea of working for a company that has international connections.

How do you like your training so far?

I am super happy to have started my training here. Right from the start I was integrated into the team and I immediately liked everyone. The work is very varied; every day is full of surprises and new experiences. Everyone is open for my questions and helps me when I run into problems. The training here is professional and I like coming to work every morning.

What does a typical workday look like?

There isn’t really a “typical” workday, as every day is quite different. Depending on what a customer needs, I may answer the phone, handle order management processes or deal with customs matters. I also write letters, help with calculations or draw system charts. Of course, standard jobs like filing or handling incoming mail are part of my daily routine as well.

How long does the training for office management take?

The training takes 3 years; if you have good grades and a good performance record, it is possible to reduce that to 2.5 years.

Which jobs are you familiar with by now and which do you find especially interesting?

Since we all work very closely together I had a chance to look into every aspect of the job by now. There isn’t just one job I would call especially interesting, it’s more the whole process. The interesting part is to slowly get an idea of the bigger picture and to understand how it’s all connected. But it is always exciting to get a call from a customer in one of the 40 countries we export to and to discuss business matters in another language with a person from a different culture.

What are you hoping for the next 2 years?

If things continue like they do at the moment, I expect to successfully complete my training here. That is my goal and I hope that the team continues to support me.

What will happen after the training? Is there a chance that your employment continues?

At the moment our order situation looks good – so yes, I can image there will be a need for an additional position after training. I would certainly be happy to continue working here.

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