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Waste & Laundry Tube System

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Waste & laundry transport system | Air-Log

In the same way as the Pneumatic Tube System (PTS), the Automatic Waste and Laundry System (AWLS) works with pneumatic tube transport, just in a slightly bigger form. Instead of cartridges with samples it transports bags with garbage or dirty laundry. This usually occurs initially via free fall, and the waste or laundry is then redirected with a pneumatic system to the actual end point (waste container or laundry room).

Hospitals in particular produce large amounts of garbage and dirty laundry, and therefore this system not only saves a great deal of work and time but also makes a significant contribution to hygiene and process optimization. AWLS minimizes the contamination- and infection hazard and prevents odor pollution.

Your Advantages:

  • hygenic
  • easy to use and to maintain
  • operation comfort
  • cleanliness and repidity of waste collecting
  • deployment flexibility and fitting to the building structure
  • with tailored projects

Air-Log AWLS Loading Stations

Fully Automated Loading Station with galvanised steel or stainless steel construction [sizes are customised as per customer requirements and spaces available, restrictions apply] single inlet

  • Sliding Automated Pneumatic Controlled Front Door
  • Sliding Automated Pneumatic Controlled Rear Safety Door [remains closed when front door is open]
  • LED Light indicators [for Busy, Free]
  • Contactless Access via RFID [Radio Frequency]
  • Selector Switch [Optional, to select different types of colour code waste bags for specific collection points]
  • Available with Double Door Single Loading Access or Double Door Double Loading Access
  • Integrated service access panel
  • Safety Mechanism built-in to prevent accidents or harm to users and Emergency Button
  • Also available economy stations with manual doors
Air-Log AWLS Loading Station. Waste & Laundry Tube System.

Airlog AWLS PLC Control Panel

Fully automated control panel, PLC Controlled software with easy and convenient touch screen functions with graphic visuals o f the network, direct access to each device in the network for servicing and inspections, with maintenance, programming and alarms with direct cleaning function and many more features.

Also available: lnline-tube sprinkler system, Dry Scrubber for removal of infectious and foul smell and gases, collection trolleys , waste compactor units etc ... as options.

Air-Log AWLS Components

Compressor Unit

Air compressor unit 2.2 Kw,200Ipm, 4 bar,8ATM pressure; with nylon tubing and piping for compressed air circuit for operations of pneumatic elements viz Loading Stations, Air-valves, Diverters, Discharging Hoppers etc. with electric control panel, pressure gauge.


For diversion of bags being transported in the tube network to pre- selected discharge hopper or collection points.

Discharge Hopper

Collection and Discharge Hopper with automatic pneumatic gates; Galvanised Steel construction with external square reinforcement, with collecting volume up to 60 Kg and optional acoustic and visual indicators when in operation for unloading the bags; with switch for manual opening, for access.

Tube Network

Available in sizes 50mm0 to1250mm0 in Galvanised Steel [GI] or Stainless Steel [SS] in 0.6mm to 3mm thickness, however most standard ODs for AWLS are 400mm0 or 500mm0. Bends are in 15° to 90° curves with 800mm to 1200mm radius. Standard tubes are welded with flanges and joining clamps; Also available modular telescopic galvanised or stainless steel tu bes are laser welded with extra bead for structural reinforcement with various sealing solutions with MULTIFORM Clamp [with closed edges] for low sealing and low pressure; with HYBRIS Clamp [with closed edges and rubber joints] or Locking Arm System with sealing joint for medium sealing and medium pressure; or SPLITS [with joint pressure locking system] for high sealing and high pressure.

Blower Units

Heavy duty high efficient fan blowers with silencer units, air-intake units, blower control electric panel, exhaust pipe, air filters, vibration dampers, High pressure and high flow blowers [Typical power: 50 -100 HP, Typical flow: 11.000 m3/h]; Flow control by means of air valve with pneumatic operation; 3-Phase 400-440V, 50Kw - 1 OOKw depending on size of the network. 24 V DC operation current Options: Pressure monitor, Variable Frequency Device, Slow Starter

Air-Log AWLS System

Hospitals and Healthcare facilities require much greater hygiene, infection free, odour free spaces, for the safe, secure, healthyhealing environment. lt is imperative for these facilities to ensure reduction and control of potential infection transmission & while ensuring this, the facilities must continue to operate efficiently. Airlog's Automated Waste & Soiled Linen Tube Systems ensure these requirements in healthcare spaces. Airlog AWLS Systems are PLC controlled dedicated, smart, efficient, clean and effective solution for transport of Waste and Soiled Linen bags automatically through steel tube networkin a facility, to strategically located collection points.

Air-Log AWLS System. Waste & Laundry Tube System.
  • Effective & Efficient
  • Quick & Hygienic
  • Safe & Secure
  • Full Automated & PLC Controlled
  • Reduces lnfection and Cross Contamination Risk
  • Fully Automated Loading Stations with Double Door Mechanism
  • Fully Automated Transports of the Bags to collection points
  • System Capacity of up to 5 bags per transport and 1 O - 25kgs loading capacity

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