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The important role of pneumatic tube systems in times of corona

pneumatic tube systems in times of corona

Since January 2020 the new lung disease Covid-19, presumably starting from the city of Wuhan in China, has been inexorably spreading all over the world. The new SARS-CoV-2 corona virus hit the health systems of many countries with tremendous force and even caused some of them to collapse. The public life as we know it came to a shut down. While almost all sectors of the economy are affected by the corona pandemic and the conversations are only about digitalisation, teleworking and the protection of staff, one technology in the healthcare sector stands out particularly: the pneumatic tube.

The pneumatic tube is not only a permanent reliable companion in everyday hospital life, it also plays an important role especially in times of Covid-19. The infected patients must be tested frequently on Covid-19 and their blood must also be checked several times a day. Every single test poses a high risk of infection. The Covid-19 patients are isolated in specially cleared hospital wards and these are often very far from the laboratory. This is where all the advantages of a well-designed and networked pneumatic tube system are being used and become obvious. The samples can be transported quickly, reliably and without further human contact directly into laboratory in secured pneumatic tube carrier – the laboratory staff can recognize which of the pneumatic tube carrier may contain samples with the virus and so take special protective actions. Using RFID transponder technology, sample transports can be also tracked gapless – this is possible around the clock and this can save lives if, for example, blood samples have reached the laboratory within minutes and can be tested as a priority. Of course, our pneumatic tube carrier can be disinfected and cleaned as usual in hospitals.

We, as Air-Log International GmbH, are a reliable partner in the planning, production and installation of pneumatic tube systems in hospitals, pharmacies and industry. Every system also includes a good customer service, which is self-evident for us. We are at your side with our support and are always there for you in current situation. Please feel free to contact us, we treat hospitals and pharmacies with top priority. You can reach us by phone at +49 441 57029980 or use our contact form.

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