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Pneumatic Tube Systems in hospitals.

When seconds count.
Pneumatic Tube Systems in Hospitals

Pneumatic tube systems are basic inventory in hospitals with more than 200 beds. Because they are the best solution when long distances need to be covered and when seconds count, for example during surgery, when a blood product or a sample result is needed urgently. Whether blood-, tissue, urine samples or medication – when speed is vital, the hospital tube system will transport items fast, safe and shock-free.

From patient registration to the hospital pharmacy

Patient registration and the ER, laboratory, surgery, blood bank or care wards, nurses’ rooms and the hospital’s pharmacy – the different areas in a hospital can all be connected to the pneumatic tube system with our choice of space-saving stations in modern designs.

Pneumatic tube systems in hospitals

Adjustable speed for shock-free transport

We know that transporting samples requires special care. We developed leak-proof protective carriers and individually adjustable transport velocity especially for hospitals’ needs. Blood samples, for example, can be transported gently at a reduced speed.

Safe money and time and increase staff efficiency

The medical sector has to be profit-oriented and cost efficient just as any other industry. Hospitals often suffer from staff shortages. Our pneumatic tube systems increase your efficiency by saving money and time and by increasing productivity of your employees. And our systems offer a return on investment with an amortization of one to two years. Hospital employees will be relieved of time-consuming tasks. Instead of running errands they can concentrate on what is really important: Their patients.

Nurse stands before pneumatic tube system in a hospital.

More than 30 years’ experience with pneumatic tube systems in hospitals

Air-Log pneumatic tube systems – our extensive experience and know-how with the production and installation of reliable pneumatic tube systems in hospitals – your choice for a better system! Contact us for a free quote.

Our Control units for Hospital pneumatic tube systems.

Air-Control, the computer controlled system for hospitals

We developed Air-Control, our own control software, to accommodate the specific transfer needs of hospitals. This flexible computer controlled pneumatic tube system based on Windows is the intelligent solution for the different needs in a hospital and saves you money, time and improves productivity significantly.

Air-Control components:

  • Software Air-Control
  • Pneumatic tube station with 3" LC Display or 7" Touchscreen
    • Compact Station
    • End- and Pass-Thru Station
    • Front Load Station
    • Multisend Station
  • Diverter
  • Blower
  • Tubes
  • Carriers and related equipment

Advantages at a glance:

  • Powerful functions for all your needs
  • Highest safety standards
  • Efficient and flexible scheduling
  • Real time visualization
  • Remote monitoring, control and maintenance possible
  • Permanent analysis and evaluation for optimization
  • Integration into existing systems
H21, our Point-to-Point system for hospitals

From the blood bank to surgery, from ER to the laboratory … - our H21-conrol system is ideal for these and other hospital specific needs. This system with two stations is perfect for all transfers between two locations. Transfers are possible from A to B and from B to A.

Although H21 is our smallest control unit, transfers can cover long distances and great heights. This makes it a very versatile starter system that can easily be upgraded giving you virtually unlimited flexibility. Our H21 system is available in the nominal diameter from 110 to 315.

H21 components:

  • Control unit H21
  • Stations
    • Open receiving station H21
    • Slide-sleeve station for sending and receiving
  • Blower
  • Tubes
  • Carriers and related equipment

Our H21 pneumatic tube systems can be upgraded at any time. You will find matching spare parts and components here.

pneumatic tube systems in hospitals

examples of applications

As carriers arrive at a reduced speed at the laboratory station our system ensures gentle transportation of samples.

The horizontal conveyer belt allows your personnel ergonomic removal and fast handling of the carriers

Our leak-proof carrier with flip-cap ensures safe transport and easy handling of sensitive blood products.

Sensitive goods such as blood samples or blood bank products arrive undamaged due to our gentle transportation with reduced acceleration.

Our front-load-station is intuitive, ergonomic and equipped with a large 7” touch-screen.

With our fully automatic pneumatic tube system urgently needed medication can be sent fast and directly to any station.

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