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Applications for Pneumatic Tube

Clever Solutions for hospitals, Cash Transportation and Industry.
Applications for pneumatic tube systems

Blood samples in hospitals, cash in supermarkets or steel samples in industry – our custom solutions transport everything that fits into our specifically designed carriers, fast and safe to its destination, spontaneously or at regular intervals.

A System that adapts to your Needs

Every pneumatic tube can be customized to your exact needs, regarding size or architecture, e.g. small stations for small corners or horizontal stations for laboratories – ergonomically designed so employees do not have to bend to fill the carriers.

Doctor with carrier. Pneumatic tube systems.

A System that pays off

Our individual pneumatic tube solutions will save you money, time and staff. In hospitals and in industrial plants our systems have a return on investment with an amortization of one to three years.

A System that automatically keeps track

To ensure everything gets exactly where it is supposed to, every intelligent tube system utilizes carriers equipped with transponders communicating with the system via RFID-Technology (Radio Frequency IDentification). We integrate individually programmable intelligent software into every system to ensure that even during peak hour – e.g. in hospitals during blood sampling in the mornings – bottle-necks or long waiting times are eliminated by using an extra transfer line.

Safe transport has priority: The system is protected from unauthorized access and every transfer is individually documented via the transponder ID on each carrier in the control or monitoring system’s tracking and tracing list. That way, you can always track the exact route and know who sent which item when and where to. All systems are supported by TeamViewer and we offer remote client support.

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Nurse with carrier. Pneumatic tube systems.


Since when do pneumatic tube exist?

The first pneumatic tube system was built in London in 1853 to transport telegrams. Some years later this system was adopted in Berlin and as a first step a tube connection between the central telegraphy office and the station at Berliner Börse (Stock exchange) was installed. More and more stations were connected and in 1940 the system included 79 stations and covered a total length of 400 km. As a fast and reliable transport option for urgent documents like telegraphs, postcards or financial news the Berlin pneumatic tube carried around 8 M items annually. Due to improved telephone and telex services the Berlin pneumatic tube was terminated in 1976.

How does it work?

Our pneumatic tube systems consist of different main components. A compressor generates low and high pressure to propel the carriers through tubes to their destination. The carriers contain items for transportation. At different stations the destinations are selected and the carriers dispatched. Then the carrier is transported from one station to its destination. The tube is part of a network of tubes which intersect and the carrier passes though tube switches to reach its destination. Pressure is automatically lowered at the destination to gently stop the carrier. To control movement of the carriers special and powerful control units are used. These differ depending on the requirements and complexity of the system and the industry (Hospital, cash transportation and industrial use).

How much does that cost?

The exact cost depends on the size of the system, amount of stations and the choice of control unit.

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