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Spare Parts and Accessories

Spare parts that just fit

Even the best carriers wears out eventually (especially the rings) and the performance of the entire system suffers. But don’t worry, we have the necessary accessories in every conceivable size so that your system never has to stand still. Whether velcro rings, felt, rubber or driver rings: All parts are manufactured to the highest standards and can easily be fitted to the tube  carrier, so even your employees can do that.

And should your carrier not have been produced by us, no problem!

We have the right part in stock for almost every manufacturer. Just contact us.

Good protection is part of it - accessories for your carrier

Especially in the laboratory, protection of the transported goods is vital. We offer the right accessories for a protected and safe transport so you don’t have to worry about it.

  • test tube holder
  • Foam protection for test tubes
  • plastic bags in different sizes
Accessories for your carrier

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