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Customer service for your pneumatic tube system | Air-Log

Giving you not only high quality tube systems, but also high quality customer service is something we highly value. Should you require a repair or maintenance service for your tube system we are there for you with our support – either on-site or via remote support. And it doesn’t matter if the system is from Air-Log or another supplier.

We are very familiar with all types of tube systems and can thus provide professional support, for example …

Maintenance without delay – our Air-Log Remote-Service

When something bad happens – expect immediate support! Of course we will always provide on-site service if needed. But when maintenance or repairs for your tube system can’t wait, our around-the-clock service-hotline will provide remote service.


Using remote service software we will connect via remote desktop with your system. All you need is the Air-Log support tool.


You can download our remote maintenance tool directly here:

We provide a replacement.

Your tube system needs a spare part? No problem. Just tell us the item number of the broken part and we will send you the spare part as soon as possible.

You have a system other than Air-Log? No problem either. A lot of the parts in tube systems (our own and other brands) are standardized, similar to spark plugs or tires for cars, and can easily be replaced regardless of the model.

For tube systems, examples for standardized parts include tube switches, contact breakers or tracking contact mechanisms.

The item number will identify each part and we can deliver spare parts from most suppliers.


Do you need a spare part? Just call us or send us an email!


Service of your pneumatic tube by Air-Log

Tube systems need some care as well.

Tube systems that are taken care of and get regular maintenance are less prone to damage – avoiding unnecessary repair costs and downtime of your system.

With our service- and maintenance agreements you are on the safe side. As part of that agreement we check your system at specified intervals – usually every six months for large systems and every year for smaller ones.

Does your tube system need maintenance? Please get in touch for an individual and personal consultation.


Training with Air-Log

Tube systems that set standards.

As part of our standards we don’t just train our employees, but also offer professional training to our customers. For that purpose we have a training center at our location in Oldenburg, Germany with a fully functional tube system for testing and demonstrating. Here, we can explain in detail how a tube system works. As an alternative, our technicians can visit you at your location to train using your own tube system.

Either way, at our training center or at your location – our training will ensure you are familiar with your system and can deal with many procedures on your own without having to call customer service.

We believe our customers should be able to be as independent as possible.

But of course, if you need us, we will be there for you. At Air-Log we have a burning passion for our customers!


Would you like to schedule training? Just give us a call!

Do you have any questions about Pneumatic Tube Systems?

Feel free to contact us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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