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With a sample transport highly sensitive material gets to the laboratory with lightning speed.
Sample Transportation | Air-Log

No matter what the sample is – blood, hot steel, powdery cement or fresh dairy products – with our sample transportation systems fast delivery of all types of samples to the laboratory ensure immediate analyses or quality inspections.

The tubes in our system can run on or below the surface or even from one building to another.

The carriers run at a speed of 7 to 20 m/s and it does not matter how long the distance for the samples is.

There is no limit for tube systems – neither with the tube lengths nor with availability 24/7. If time matters, tube systems are unbeatable.

Below we listed some examples in which areas and industries tube systems for sample transportation are the best solution:


Hospital Laboratories: Fast results for blood and tissue specimens.

Hospitals make up a large part of our customers. And this is no coincidence as there is simply no faster way than a tube system to get results for blood or tissue specimens without delays. And especially in areas like oncology, getting a fast result can be lifesaving, e.g. when performing a frozen section examination during surgery and a specimen has to be in the lab for analysis and the result reported back as quickly as possible.

Blood sample by tube post to the laboratory
Steel sample for good quality

Sample transport in steel plants: when things get hot.

From the blast furnace to the lab – our special tube carriers for steel samples of up to 800 °C shoot through the tubes. For steel plants, often with long in-house distances, tube systems are the ideal solution to get material samples within seconds from the sampling point to quality control.

Transporting samples to the lab in the food industry: hygienic, fast and safe.

Getting samples to the laboratory for quality inspection is extremely important in the food industry, for example, transports of highly sensitive milk samples to the lab in dairies have to be hygienic, fast and safe. As these quality checks are often done every hour, using this type of transportation saves a lot of time, not to mention the time saved by not needing staff to constantly transport the samples.

fast food sample to the laboratory
Chemical samples for your safety

Laboratory transports in chemical plants: from solid to liquid.

Whether the material is solid, liquid or gaseous- for every state of matter we have the right carrier to transport your samples. And that our tube systems have no limit in length is especially interesting for chemical plants, because material samples often have to bridge long distances in the shortest time possible. We have installed a tube system spanning 34 kilometers in a chemical plant – you cannot even see from one end to the next.

Laboratory transports in cement plants: fast powdery samples.

As in all industrial companies, quality control and saving time is crucial in cement plants.

Powdery samples, for which Air-Log has specifically designed carriers, get to the lab for examination within seconds.

cement sample transport

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