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Welcome, Johannes Basten.


We are welcoming (back) Johannes Basten in our company. Johannes is a long-standing old PTS professional with 30 years experience in the industry. He started out in January 1993 supporting the start-up of Aircotronic Ltd in Nottingham (UK) with a certain Jens Ewertowski. At first he was the book-keeper, but after a few months he advanced to Managing Director. In September 2000 Aircotronic became part of the Swisslog organisation and Johannes fulfilled various roles in the UK and Germany for Swisslog, including Managing the UK Healthcare Business Unit, Sales and Project Management.

Johannes left Swisslog in 2013 and helped Jens Ewertowski build the newly formed Air-Log International GmbH. In 2014 he took on the challenge of managing a huge PTS project in Saudi Arabia for Hörtig Rohrpost and he commuted for more than 3 years between Saudi, Germany and the UK. When this project came to an end, he stayed on at Hörtig as Head of Sales and Projects. During the next 5 years he travelled intensely in the Middle East and Asia plus completed some big projects in Germany during the Corona pandemic.

When it became clear that there is an opportunity to join Air-Log again, Johannes did not waste much time and moved to Oldenburg with his wife. He is very happy to be part of the sales team, working with Jens and Leonie and the rest of the team to continue the successful growth of the company.

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