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Purchasing reinforcement

pneumatic tube production

New member of the Air-Log team, since 01 October 2021 Uwe Krüger has strengthened the team in purchasing and introduces himself in an interview:

1. What makes this industry so attractive for me?
In my search for something new, I realised: the product, the company and the location are simply unbeatable!
Pneumatic tube systems have fascinated me since I was a child and even more so as an adult, because they are timeless, durable and extremely effective. And I can personally identify with these attributes. Air-Log is a special company with a very family-run feeling and a special location in Oldenburg.

2. How would I describe myself?
There is always a way! And if it’s not obvious, I’ll search for it! – That’s how I treat all life situations. I am very motivated and helpful, a team player and empathetic. I enjoy meating other people - whether in the office, on the phone or in the workshop.

3. Why this job in particular?
Because I love it. Procuring parts that, when further processed, make a special product and being able to accompany this process - that fills me with great joy!

4. What are my personal goals?
If no one is missing anything, I'm doing a good job. I will buy parts that function and bring in new ideas. I want to develop myself further and grow, together with the company. I look forward to minimising errors and process interruptions and thus optimising processes and creating more transparency.

5. What gives me particular pleasure?
Helping other people enjoy their day – both privately and in business.

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