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Pneumatic Tube Systems in Movies


Pneumatic tube in movies and series

5 Questions about Pneumatic Tube


Pneumatic Tube Systems seem to have vanished from our daily lives and replaced by modern communication tools. But in reality, these systems are still around in the background, for example in large hospitals. There are situations, where these systems are hard to replace. How versatile tube systems really are can be seen in some movies and TV-series; often they even play a key role in a plot.

Below, we show you how adaptable and useful pneumatic tube systems are by looking at some examples in well-known shows and movies.

Pneumatic tube systems in movies

Let’s start with the most recent film from 2017: “Logan Lucky”, featuring a tube system in a football stadium. All of the cash from the vendor stalls is collected via a tube system into a vault in the cellar. With this safe transportation the risk of a robbery during cash collection is eliminated. And at the stalls, the staff can feel safe by not having too much cash around on a day with hundred thousands of visitors. Pneumatic tube systems make cash transportation especially in large stadiums easy and safe.

In 2014, the action-movie “John Wick” was released – also featuring a pneumatic tube system, this time for internal communication in the Continental-Hotel scenes.

In the same year, British comedy “Paddington” was brought to the movie theatres. The Peruvian bear is brought to England by his aunt and accepted into the Brown family. Together, they are looking for an explorer. Everything is archived in the Geographers’ Guild and the front desk lady can retrieve all necessary information via a tube system. The film clip behind the link below illustrates how impressive that system works:

And the same idea in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”, 2013. In this US-American biographical film pneumatic tube systems are utilized at the stock exchange, brokers fill purchase orders and send them via the tube system to the traders’ section. The film illustrates nicely how fast and reliable tube systems are.

Older films also features tube systems as part of the storyline:

In the movie “Brazil”, released in 1985, the pneumatic tube system is part of the complicated and extensive Central Services’ administration.

Communication often has to cover large distances and the tube system ensures that everything arrives reliably at the right person. The tube system is a central part of the efficiency as the information reaches the destination fast, making the extra way for the worker unnecessary.

In 1994, the US-American action movie “The Shadow” was released. Here, the hero uses a massive tube system running through the whole of New York to communicate with his agents – after all, these systems are tap-proof!

A 2015 American animated comedy drama by Pixar incorporates a pneumatic tube system. In the film “Inside Out”, the protagonist Riley plays a key role in the plot. To connect her emotions with her memories, these are sent to her long-term memory each day, utilizing a tube system inside the little Riley’s brain. Even though this is not possible in reality, this is a nice illustration of processes in our complex brains.

Pneumatic tube systems as part of TV Series

Tube systems have also been used in well-known shows. In the German children’s television series “Hello Spencer”, a puppet based show produced from 1979 to 2001, the main character, Spencer, has his own tube system.

In the science-fiction animated sitcom “Futurama” with a total of 7 seasons, features a tube system not only to ship documents, but also as a means of transportation for humans.

And the mystery television series “Lost”, shot from 2004 to 2010, also features a tube system.

These examples of tube systems in movies show that the idea of this system is still up-to-date and very versatile. Who knows what the future holds and where we will see future versions of the pneumatic tube system. Next time you watch a movie, be on the lookout for tube systems.

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