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Pneumatic tube speed - you need to know


Pneumatic tube speed: how quickly do contents reach their destination?

Pneumatic tube systems allow all kinds of items to be transported in small cylindrical containers. These are sent through a pneumatic tube system thanks to compressed air and reach their destination quickly. Companies have relied on this practical system since the 1850s to quickly and efficiently transport goods and objects within a building quickly and easily. But the high speed of pneumatic tube mail is not the only advantage of the system.

This article will explain everything you need about the pneumatic tube, what speeds to expect, and the other benefits a pneumatic tube system can offer you.

What is the speed of pneumatic tube mail?

A modern pneumatic tube system is known for its speed, reaching up to eight meters per second. This means that essential goods can usually be sent from one end of a building to the other in a matter of seconds. Several factors determine how many meters per second a pneumatic tube can travel.

On the one hand, the strength of the pneumatic tube's air suction is significant, but even more important can be the specific contents and the requirements for transport. Empty and light containers usually achieve a higher pneumatic tube speed. However, some industries or even hospitals ship particularly sensitive contents and deliberately reduce the speed to ensure that the goods actually arrive undamaged.

Can the speed affect the content?

A pneumatic tube speed that is too high could otherwise have a negative impact on the content. When designing a pneumatic tube system, the specific requirements are already considered, and the speeds are adjusted accordingly. For example, sending sensitive shipments at only two to three meters per second is common.

Hospitals, banks, or industries all have different content to transport and may need to use different speeds. However, with the proper configuration, even the most sensitive content can be sent smoothly and securely via a pneumatic tube. Therefore, it is essential to know all the requirements beforehand and to configure the speed of the pneumatic tube system accordingly.

Why is a pneumatic tube system advantageous?

The advantages of the pneumatic tube are clear: speed, reliability, and efficiency. But with a modern system, companies also ultimately benefit from a long-term investment that helps them save time and money.

Speed: The high speed of pneumatic tube mail helps your company save valuable time and human resources. Of course, this is also reflected on the cost side because employees can concentrate fully on their core tasks.

  • Reliability: Modern pneumatic tube containers are equipped with RFID transponders and can be precisely tracked right to the end. This prevents unwanted losses and allows the company to optimize its transport routes further.
  • Efficiency:: An intelligent system takes over the control of the pneumatic tube system and works virtually error-free. Employees receive their required contents and goods quickly and safely. This increases efficiency in all business processes involved.

Pneumatic tube systems offer many essential advantages from which companies can benefit. This is precisely why numerous companies have relied on this fast, simple, and reliable method for decades. And increased efficiency can help you remain competitive in the future.

Conclusion – Get important contents to their destination with up to 8 m/s

A modern pneumatic tube system can offer numerous benefits to any business in quickly getting goods, content, or products to the needed location in the building. While the specific pneumatic tube speed can vary depending on the content, in real-world applications, the difference is often only a few seconds. Even the most sensitive goods can be transported far more quickly than traditional delivery.

The pneumatic tube can reduce the workload of your employees and improve supply. Waiting minutes or even hours is completely eliminated, so work can normally continue without interruption.

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