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5 Questions about Pneumatic Tube


A system to transport data, letters and small items that is still in use more than 150 years after its invention? You believe that’s impossible? Well, you believed wrong, quite the contrary: Pneumatic tube systems are still used all over the world! Even though in many areas they have been replaced by modern communication tools, this system is still one of the most efficient and most secure transportation systems. Most people think pneumatic tubes are not around anymore, but this is only because they are largely invisible and the system operates in the background. Let us show you how up-to-date pneumatic tubes are still today and how beneficial and versatile such a system is in the 21st century.

The history of pneumatic tube systems

The first system was started around 1860 in London, mainly to transport letters and telegrams. In 1876 the system, operating with air pressure, was installed in Berlin and in 1940 it spanned 400 km. It was also build and expanded in Munich, Hamburg or Dusseldorf. There were even plans to install large networks of tubes below entire towns or for systems large enough to transport goods.

But in WW2 large parts of these systems were destroyed and competitive systems like the telephone or telefax were developed.

Today, pneumatic tube systems are indeed outdated for public use, but in some areas they are one of the most important transportation means ever.

A clever system for effective workflows

With a 99% punctuality rate pneumatic tube systems are still the first choice when it comes to transporting important documents. And every large corporation can benefit from using this system for information exchange.

This shows that pneumatic tube systems are still important today.

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