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Air-Log tube systems: Globally in use, globally good reviews



Air-Log International GmbH is a global company supplying the latest pneumatic tube system around the globe. For more than 30 years, Air-Log International GmbH has been installing tube systems in more than 39 countries. These systems are “Made in Germany” and companies from a range of industries trust our quality and expertise.

Flexible and individual at the same time

Main areas of utilizing Air-Log tube systems are hospitals, cash transportation and milk, steel, copper/metal and the chemical industry.

Tube systems are the perfect solution for fast transportation of samples, blood bottles and other medical items where every second counts.

For a safe cash transport, tube systems are mainly used in public institutions where large cash amounts are moved. That is why Air-Log’s customers include supermarkets, petrol stations, toll plazas, casinos or jewelers.

In industrial companies often long distances have to be covered, e.g. for sample quality checks. Air-Log tube systems can cover these distances easily and fast.

Air-Log’s website has been updated and now includes customer reviews. That gives you the chance to see how versatile our tube systems are in a real life environment and to read what our customers think.

You can find the reviews here.

The Simpsons are also familiar with the advantages of tube systems:

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