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Pneumatic Tube Systems in Movies

25. Jul 2018

The pneumatic tube system is a small movie star, as it is portrayed in many films without being noticed. Therefore we show you in our new Article films and series, in which a tube post system in decisive scenes play.

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Examination passed

29. Jun 2018

We congratulate our first trainee Jenny Fillmer on her passed exam. She is now an office manager and we look forward to continuing our great cooperation.


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Has served the pneumatic post?

24. May 2018

The pneumatic tube is one of the oldest means of communication in the company. Many do not want to do without it, because it makes the workflow more efficient. Therefore, the pneumatic tube has not served its time.

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5 Questions about the Pneumatic Tube

23. Apr 2018

The pneumatic tube is a widely used system used in various industries to effectively use the workflow. Our prospects often have the same questions about the pneumatic tube. Therefore, we have now answered for you the 5 most important questions, maybe your question is there.

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The History of Pneumatic Tube Systems

26. Mar 2018

More than 150 years ago the first letters were transported by pneumatic tube systems. The function of the pneumatic tube systems has proven itself to this day and will continue even in the digital age.

Read the interesting history of the pneumatic tube systems as it is used then and now.

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