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Pneumatic tube systems for industrial use.

Long distances are a problem of the past.
Pneumatic tube systems for industrial use

Dairy, chocolate factory or steel production, freight carrier, automotive or airport – all large industrial companies have one thing in common: long distances. These have to be covered fast, for example to get a food sample to the laboratory or a steel sample to quality assurance.

No matter which goods or materials you want to transport – for every physical good up to five kilograms we have a solution that can bridge the distance: Our pneumatic tube systems for industrial use, which can transport any sensitive goods and those that need to be protected from A to B. Our special metal carriers can even handle hot steel samples.

Pneumatic tube systems for industrial use

Our industrial pneumatic tube systems support your business uncomplicated, fast and cost efficient by speeding up your production process and reducing the amount of staff needed for similar production steps. You can count on a return of you investment with an amortization of one to two years.

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Our Control Units for Industrial pneumatic tube systems.

Air-Control, the computer controlled pneumatic tube system for industrial use

To accommodate the specific needs of industrial plants we developed Air-Control, our own control software. This flexible computer controlled pneumatic tube system based on Windows is the intelligent solution for different operating areas and increases efficiency by saving money and time and by increasing productivity of your employees

Air-Control components:

  • Control Software Air-Control
  • Stations with 3" LC Display or 7" Touchscreen:
    • Compact Station 
    • Front-Load-Station
    • Smart Station
    • End- and Pass-Thru Station
  • Slide station
  • Special Station for industry
  • Diverter
  • Blower
  • Tubes
  • Carriers and related equipment

Advantages at a glance:

  • Powerful functions for all your needs
  • Highest safety standards
  • Efficient and flexible scheduling
  • Real time visualization
  • Remote monitoring, control and maintenance possible
  • Permanent analysis and evaluation for optimization
  • Integration into existing systems
H21, our system with two stations for industrial use

Food samples, steel samples, documents … - our H21-control system is ideal for these and other industrial purposes. H21 is a system with two stations and suitable for all transfers connecting two locations. Transfers are possible from A to B and from B to A.

Although H21 is our smallest control unit, transfers can cover long distances and great heights. This makes it a very versatile starter system that can easily be upgraded giving you virtually unlimited flexibility. Our H21 system is available in the nominal diameter from 110 to 315.

H21 components:

  • Control unit H21
  • Stations
    • Open receiving station H21
    • Slide-sleeve station for sending and receiving
  • Blower
  • Tubes
  • Carriers and related equipment

Our H21 pneumatic tube systems can be upgraded at any time. You will find matching spare parts and components here.

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