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Cash Transportation with pneumatic tube systems.

Improved safety for your employees and for your cash.

Retail stores, electronic stores, toll stations, banks, petrol stations, jewelers, casinos – there are many public places where large amounts of cash are handled. Pneumatic tube systems are the optimized solution for cash transportation to avoid associated risks for your employees and to prevent cash loss.

With a pneumatic tube system cash can be transported one-way directly from the checkouts to either a main cash desk or directly to your vault. Any unnecessary risk by keeping cash in the registers is eliminated. Two-way systems provide a fast way to deposit bills and replenish cash. Your employees do not have to leave the checkout and this safes valuable time.

Pneumatic tube systems in supermarkets

Our different control units feature the latest technology and provide a safe and reliable cash transportation system. Depending on your specific needs we offer different Air-Log systems:

Our control units for cash transportation.

Air-Control, the computer controlled pneumatic tube system for cash transportation

We developed Air-Control, our own control software, to accommodate the specific needs for cash transportation. This flexible computer controlled pneumatic tube system based on Windows is the intelligent solution for public areas where large amounts of cash are handled.

Air-Control components:

  • Control unit Air-Control
  • Stations:
    • Compact Station with 3" LC Display or 7" Touchscreen
    • Slide-sleeve station
  • Diverter
  • Blower
  • Tubes
  • Carriers and related equipment

Advantages at a glance:

  • Powerful functions for all your needs
  • Highest safety standards
  • Efficient and flexible scheduling
  • Real time visualization
  • Remote monitoring, control and maintenance possible
  • Permanent analysis and evaluation for optimization
  • Integration into existing systems
H21, a point to point system for cash transfers

From the checkout to the main cash desk and back, from petrol station to vault… – our H21-conrol system is ideal for these and other situations involving cash. This system with two stations is perfect for all transfers between two locations. Transfers are possible from A to B and from B to A.

Although H21 is our smallest control unit, transfers can cover long distances and great heights. This makes it a very versatile starter system that can easily be upgraded giving you virtually unlimited flexibility. Our H21 system is available in the nominal diameter from 110 to 315.

H21 components:

  • Control unit H21
  • Stations
    • Open receiving station H21
    • Slide-sleeve station for sending and receiving with H21 system
  • Blower
  • Tubes
  • Carriers and related equipment

Our H21 pneumatic tube systems can be upgraded at any time. You will find matching spare parts and components here.

H38, our two-way system for cash transfers

We developed our microprocessor controlled H38-system specifically for cash transportation in retail, cinemas, department stores, rest areas, petrol stations and banks – for all areas, where the advantages of a pneumatic tube system most count. Our two-way system can move cash from the checkouts and also ensure change is readily available at the checkouts. It is also possible to install a parallel one-way system.

The microprocessor controlled technology incorporating user identification and access control ensures safe internal cash logistic. Additional tools for tracking, documentation or analyzing business reports are available. You can choose different components for the H38 system and for specific needs we can offer customized solutions.

H38 components:

    • Control unit H38
    • Stations
      • Optional automatic control
      • 1 or 2 destination stations
      • Installation in a table or vertical sending
    • Blower
    • Tubes
    • Carriers and related equipment

H38 features:

    • Sending and receiving
    • Two destinations per checkout possible
    • Documentation on PC, printer or LCD available
    • User ID and carrier tracking
    • Remote online maintenance
    • Analyzing business reports via internet
    • Combined operation of one-way systems and sending and receiving stations
H36, our one-way system for cash transfers

Our cash pneumatic tube system H36 is ideal for cash transportation in retail, cinemas, department stores, petrol stations, shopping malls or rest areas and banks. With its high sending frequency the H36 system can move cash from an unrestricted amount of checkouts to the main vault. For security reasons it is not possible to return empty carriers or change to individual checkouts.

H36 components:

  • Control unit H36
  • Checkout sending station H36 with/without table installation
  • Receiving station (within the vault)
  • Blower
  • Tubes
  • Carriers and related equipment

H36 features:

  • Sending
  • One destination for each checkout
  • Authorized access only
CCx-Control, our Compact-Cash-System

Safety for employees and cash – you can have both with the Air-Log Compact-Cash-System CCx. It has been designed specifically for one-way cash transportation in petrol stations, smaller stores and supermarkets. This cash system connects directly to the vault or the main cash desk.


At regular intervals or when a certain amount is reached, cash is automatically transferred to receiving stations without having to manually press any “send” buttons. At the receiving stations the carriers are stored until authorized personnel retrieve the cash. This procedure ensures minimum cash flows at checkouts. Standard components include the electronical control unit and the blow switch. Installation of the Compact-Cash-System (CCx) is simple and easy..

Measurements of the tubes: ND63, ND90, ND110

Cash Logistics

examples of applications
Slide station in a supermarket. Cash transportation with pneumatic tube systems.

With our slide station employees can send cash directly and fast to the vault as well as request change from the main cash desk or another secure area.

Compact station. Cash transportation with pneumatic tube systems.

Our compact station in the secure area is used to provide change for the checkouts. With their compact design they fit into even the smallest corners. Checkout employees can quickly change notes for coins.

Safe with carrieres. Cash Transportation with pneumatic tube systems.

The carriers transport cash from the checkouts directly to the secured vault.

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