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Carriers with sliding lid

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Carriers with sliding lid for pneumatic tube systems

Sometimes things have to move fast. In a hospital, cash transportation or for industrial use – with our slide lid carriers you are always on the safe side. It can be loaded upright and the automatic lock makes sure that the carrier lid automatically snaps into place. This means: maximum convenience and perfect handling. And at the receiving end the carrier can be unloaded with the same convenience – which is a great advantage with high transportation traffic.

Carrier with sliding lid

Carrier “LC” with sliding lid NW 160

Other color variants
Dia Tube Radius Item-No. Fastening Ring Loading size*
160 160 x 3,2 mm 800 mm 002006 slidling lid velcro 230 x 120 mm
160 160 x 3,2 mm 800 mm 002000 slidling lid velcro 330x 120 mm
160 160 x 3,2 mm 800 mm 002003 slidling lid velcro 350x 120 mm
160 160 x 3,2 mm 800 mm 002622 slidling lid velcro 370x 120 mm

*Loading size: length x inner diameter

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