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Carriers with flip cap

This is how safe transportation works.

Our carriers with flip caps can be used in the hospital, for cash transportation und for industrial use. Due to the unrestricted opening it can easily be filled while upright. And of course can be just as easily emptied, which reduces the workload considerably. For transportation of liquids, especially when these are sensitive or infectious, like blood samples in a hospital, we also offer leak free carriers with a flip cap. This ensures that the content and the environment are safe.

Carrier with flip cap

Carrier "leakproof" with flap-top caps NW 160

Other color variants

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Dia Tube Radius Item-No. Fastening Ring Loading size*
160 160 x 3,2 mm 800 mm 002760 flap-top caps velcro 350x 123 mm

*Loading size: length x inner diameter

Flip Cap Carrier NW 124

Other color variants
Dia Tube Radius Item-No. Fastening Ring Loading size*
124 124 x 2,3 mm 800 mm 002025 flip cap velcro 350 x 95 mm
124 124 x 2,3 mm 800 mm 002012 flip cap velcro 390 x 95 mm

*Loading size: length x inner diameter

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